Performance 279 Helmet Headsets

by J & M
Performance 279 Helmet Headsets

Performance 279 Helmet Headsets

by J & M
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Performance 279 Series helmet headsets from J&M have been designed to be installed into most motorcycle helmets.

It features their high-output AeroMike III miniature boom microphone, (tuned for use with all factory installed motorcycle audio systems) two of their wide-fidelity ultra-slim helmet speakers in stereo, their universal clamp-on mounting system and the upper section (only) of their PA-series 8-pin straight-plug hook-up cord.

You will appreciate the ambient noise canceling and wind blocking ability of this version of J&M's high-output AeroMike III microphone along with the superior audio performance offered by their wide-fidelity ultra-slim helmet speakers.

These headsets can be connected to any factory installed motorcycle audio system, now and in the foreseeable future, just by interchanging the lower-section hook-up cord.

Note On "HOOK-UP CORDS: You will need to choose a "P" series lower-section hook-up cord (Available under Related Products on this page). Please refer to the chart below for proper connection of this headset to your audio system.

Harley Audio Systems

JMHC-PHD - Lower Cord 1998 + 7-pin

JMHC-PC - Lower Cord 89-97 5-pin

J&M Audio Systems

JMHC-PJM - 1999+ 6-pin system

JMHC-PMV - 1999+6-pin system w/Inline Volume Control

JMHC-PB - 1980-2000 5-pin system

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